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  1. Chris4321

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    Greetings my fellow hunters!

    So I have been running into an issue with my Left Gauntlet (Bobamaker base) as they are on the smaller side for my forearms. They are currently attached using Velcro but the Velcro is constantly separating from itself. So I am looking at maybe doing a magnet attachment method. I saw RKD post though all the Pictures are broken. I am curious if anyone else has adapted this method or something similar? I am trying to stay away from hinges.

    A friend of mine reached out to me and asked If I could attend a ceremony for him as there Mascot is Boba Fett, being prior service I couldn't deny! But here is a prime example of whats happening with my gauntlets.

    Inkedimage1 (6)_LI.jpg
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  2. hvacdon

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    Hey Chris, I'm planning to hinge mine when I start them so I only have to worry about doing a closure on one side. I'm thinking more places to keep together, the more opportunities for failure. Anyway, on my magnet side of the gaunts, I'm planning on using these magnet mounts I got from Eternal Armory.
  3. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Member

    Hey, thanks for that! I do like this setup

    I wonder if they would just sell the magnet pieces
  4. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    Interesting easy setup.
    You should be able to just buy rare earth magnets (Neodymium Magnets) by them selves.
    They come in various strength, sizes and shape. You should be able to google a local supplier.
  5. Superkawaiifett

    Superkawaiifett New Member

    I use rare earth magnets for mine you can buy some from Home Depot in the fastener section for 4$ for 6 of them there’s no way they’ll come undone unless you forcefully remove them so they are perfect for trooping.
  6. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I used Gorilla Tape on the clamshell side and then a hinge on the other. The hinge has a removable pin. It is a PITA installing the pin with the gauntlet on, but once on, it will not open. Period.

    There is an example with a hinge on both sides here:
    help mounting ESB RKD v3 gauntlets
  7. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Member

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions

    I do like the hidden hinge idea, though I don’t know of anyone who happens to do that besides maybe Rex? I am trying to stay away from an actual hinge due to them being shown ( kills my OCD).
  8. tterrell

    tterrell Member

    I use Velcro. Works great.
  9. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    My first gauntlet have a hinge which is hidden. I used a double shell to hide the hinge. The hinge is on the inner shell .
    Looks great, but the downside is they don’t open very far...

    My second set is waiting in the wings for me to start, that set for the double hinge...maybe:)
  10. 01Hawk

    01Hawk Active Member

    I use dual internal hinges with pull pins which allows a seamless exterior look. I always have to have someone help me dress anyway so not being able to put them one myself isn't a problem for me.
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  11. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Member


    Where did you get your hinges from? I really do like this idea as I am in the same boat where I have to have someone help me
  12. 01Hawk

    01Hawk Active Member

    I bought large lengths of them from home depot/lowes. I drilled out the indents which lock the pin piece into the hinge and slid that out. I cut the lengths needed, curled the end of the pins into a loop at the end and epoxied the crap out of the hinges onto the gauntlets. I have worn them like that at least a dozen times so far and am not gentle with them. So far so good. I have it packed up right now but will take some pics later to show how I have them
  13. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    This is what I plan to use. In a month or so once I have them assembled, I should be able to find out how well it works. It should be pretty easy to use velcro to function as a hinge, but I'm not sure how I'll keep them closed. I was thinking I'd have a short length on either end on the inside bottom shells, so I would close the shells and then squeeze my fingers in and pull the velcro straps to velcro against the inside of the top shells.
  14. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Member

    Okay great, thank you

    As I stated in my original post this is what I currently using and due to the thickness of my forearms it starts separating after awhile. Hence why I am on the look out for something else. My only concern with hinges is that they would be too tight, why i thought magnets would be a good try. On that note, my right gauntlet is RKD and sits fine with Velcro and I am capable of putting my arm in and out without taking either half off of the gauntlet.
  15. Builder

    Builder Member

    Maybe the way that I did our gauntlets will give you some ideas for yours.

    I used six sets of magnets from Lowes big box store epoxied and reinforced with fiberglas (probably overkill) to aline,by offsetting with the seam, and hold top to bottom.
    Another nice thing about the magnets is that their weight lowers the center of gravity on the top heavy gauntlets. Some soft hinges were used to help in suiting up and
    just in case the gauntlets did open. Wrist straps (the red ones) really keep them upright and solid. They can't fall off even if they did come apart. Hope this helps some.

    DSC_7518.jpg DSC_7520.jpg DSC_8379.jpg
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  16. Gionny

    Gionny New Member

    Im a skinny guy and my arm are skinny as well! Would you recommend me to put foam around my gauntlets or velcro
  17. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Try the clam shell method and add foam if necessary
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  18. flightidle

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  19. Emperor Fett

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  20. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    I glued a thin piece of flexible plastic inside the gauntlet to the top and the bottom of each gauntlet creating a clamshell. Both gauntlets fasten on the inner body facing side using Velcro . The right is over and under , the left fastens under and over (see image)
    IMG_6101.JPG IMG_6104.JPG
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