Custom packs?


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Hey there everyone. I know there is a thread for jet packs, but when I made my costume, I decided to go for a custom pack too. Here are some pics of my Mando "Field-pack". Anyone else have a different pack? Please post it here.





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Awesome...tell us what you used and how you put it together!

I'm thinking of doing like a radio communications style backpack...not sure though.


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The inside structure of the pack is actually a shower caddie. The "mini power generators" are actually large lawn sprinklers turned upside down, attatched to a piece of 1/4" board, painted and the whole thing attatched to the shelf of the shower caddie.
I used 1/8" tinted plastic sheeting for the skin of the pack surrounding the shower caddie. I drew a basic pattern of what I wanted the base pack to look like, then cut it out on a band saw, sanded and polished the edges, then using a heat gun I slowly bent it into the basic pack shape around the wire structure of the shower caddie. Then I cut and added the other pieces of the pack "skin" and secured them with a combination of screws and small bolts and nuts. The various attatchments and accessories on the sides of the pack are made up of bits of stuff that I found in hardware stores, the computer salvage store and around our Shop. (We have a Thermoforming business) The cloth pack on the front is a large ammo pack I found at the Army Surplus store. The hoses and power conduits from my gauntlets plug into either side of the pack as well.


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That thing is badass.Adds a realistic touch.
I thought about a modern day swat mando costume, or even a tribute to our troops by doing a modern military fett, No jet packs or blasters but a realistic pack with realistic weapons,American flag on the shoulders, and maybe a commando(maybe airborne) type sticker on the chest, but still maintaining the mando look.
Your pack would look great with the swat fett.AWESOME job.