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buddha fett

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Hello all. I am new here. I am very interested in custom mandos, I was wandering if you guys who have done your own custom work could post pics of them or maybe a link to some pics. I have ordered a rubies jango and boba fett helmets to start practicing on. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Jun Garros Fett

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Welcome both of you. :)

Lots of information and pics available here on TDH.
I personally make extensive use of the search feature here and the forum members are always helpfull. :)

If interested... Click on my banner to check out HV&M. Home of the custom mandalorians. ;)
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The Sniffer

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My friend,

The Sniffer himself would like to welcome you to this forum.

For you see, there are many powerful and influential people here.

With the knowledge you shall aquire, will come the greatest of wisdom

from this message board. There are many heros amongst us my dear


Good luck.

The Sniffer Abides


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Welcome! Fellow custom here. Don't have a helmet yet...but go check out my progress on HVM (click Jun's signature link).


Welcome aboard to the dented helmet! you'll find everything u need here. trust me, this place is full of things u didn't even knew had!