custom Mandolorian

shade 99

heres my beginging armomr of my costum mandolorian. how is it?

Looks good, what colours are you thinking of doing it?

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i was thinking for something on the back i was thinking of strapping a force pike to my back for a second weapon is that a good idea?
By force pike you mean the weapon of Jabbas Gormerean Guard or one of these:




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and wht would be a good clothing color for black armor? or wht color armor would be good on black fabric clothing. sry about all these questions im just having trouble desiding
I wear black armour, my flightsuit is ESB Fett grey. White or light grey would work too.

A Black flightsuit would go with almost any colour armour, red, green, white, light grey, silver. I'd steer clear of black on black though, as you'd never see it and it's too close to Vader.

My weapon IS a Emperors Royal Guard weapon from the Crimson Empire series, it's a Force Glaive (a vibro-weapon like the Force Pike)
A black military flighsuit would work, but could be hard to find. You could use a work overall and modify it. Alternatively BM makes Boba flightsuits and if you asked him would make it any colour you want.
looks pretty cool. are you going to be making a jet pack to go with it? if not, may i suggest some kind of detail on the backplate, similar to stormtrooper or clonetroopers?
YES i would love a suggestion do tell, im not going to make a jet pack so can u tell me ur design PLZ?
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