custom mandalorian ideas


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made this one up, might be a nice project for in the summer... what do you guys think?


ow I forgot, it lacks any form of real detail, such as belts, weapons, greeblies, lights and so on and so on... I'll figure that out when and if I start the pieces themselves..
I love that! I think it looks just different and strange enough to actually be EU. The only detractor for me is the hood but other than that...
Very nice! Looks very "Darth Revan". Come check out the HVM board...we're "
The Home for Customs" :D

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Very cool. I think you should put the holsters underneath the skirt tho.. They kinda look off where they are, an if you had em under it would be kinda "old west" where you'd have to flip it open to get your guns. Or maybe you have your guns on cross-draw?
Seems like you have the approval of the HV&M crowd, as I too like it! We have a member on HV&M that has done a Sith-Mando, and your idea looks just as cool.
:D thnx people!!

but I think I'll go back to the drawing board then.

don't want no Sith Spit :p

hmm... a different colour scheme of just the cloak might work, or leave it out all together...

so things that will make it less sith like will probably be skipping the cloak/changing it dramatically , weathering scheme, less black...

*EDIT:* and it will also be guns, guns and guns... no swords, no sabers no nothin'... blasters...

hmm... now that you mention it, it is kind of Revan like... don't like that... :p

well I dunno, just brainstorming away here...

thnx again!! :D
:D ha ha, that would be funny!!

but erhm... the gauntlets allready are quit the same.. :p don't tell anyone...
Is Revan a sith character from the EU? He sounds like quite a bad-a*$

I havent read any of the Star Wars books . .exept for Tales of the Bounty Hunters of course :)
welsh_bounty_hunter said:
Is Revan a sith character from the EU? He sounds like quite a bad-a*$

Yeah, Revan's from the EU. She/He (depending on how you play the game) is from the KOTOR games.

Interesting to see another mandoskull-on-the-chest-armor custom. The only armor I've seen this done well on is Danakin's because it can be a tricky layout. Good luck with getting it to look good if you keep it in your design, RBF.
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Wow, interesting design. Looks pretty badass, especialy like the hair coming out of the bucket, the giant mando logo, and the skirt part. Go for it, I am sure this will be a awesome costume
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