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Jaster Mereel

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As some may know, I am hard at work making my very own Mandalorian Movie. I just recently finished up 3 sets of Mandalore armor which will be seen in the movie. (Just to get things out of the way, those slashes in the first 2 pics are from DeathWatch's claw Gaunlets). At the following are 3 snap shots of what they all look like, so far...






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That's some Sweet custom armor Jaster. (y)

Are there going to be deathwatch in it? If so, we'd love to see the costumes you have for them. :D
Can't wait to see the finished armor or movie.
Keep up the great work. :)

Jaster Mereel

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Thanks for the positive comments guys!

BH: I really can't tell if there are or not any DeathWatch in the film. But keep your fingers cross ;)


Great work, MaTT! That first set kicks ass! :D If you need any help, just LMK ;)


Jaster Mereel

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Almost complete,
just wanted to let you guys know that I'm nearing completion of my first set (out of 4) of armor for my GALIDRAAN. Here is a few pics of the progress:




Jaster Mereel

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It's really hard to say, we haven't even started shooting the film yet. But the way it looks for weather in the next couple of days, it's all snow. So we'll start shooting anytime now & the film won't be complete til next year.


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I had to right click, go to properties, copy the link and plug it into another web browser to see them.

Looking good! Great work! (y)

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Cool, im also trying to make a Mandalorian movie, more squad based. still trying to think of ideas, the idea maybe that they were hired by the Black Sun to eliminate the compition.


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sounds cool acctually working on my own fan film and contributing my armour for another...but mine is about a sith...but my custom mando charecter turns up in it...right in the middle of my sith opening a can of whoop@ss on my friends jedi and saves his sheb'seits all i just gotta find someone local whos willing to be my mando while i do my sith thing lol