Custom Helmet Progress pics ** Update 9/1/03 **


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Here is a pic of my helmet. Im not done with it yet so tell me what you think.


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Well its been I while since I worked on my helmet, and I ve been dead broke for awhile, so I have been doing little by little. I finally decided to weather my helmet, so how does it look?
Wow, I like it. Looks cool so far. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's a rubies jango is it not? Are you gonna weather it or keep it in "new" condition?
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Yeah its a rubies. I was thinking of weather but I can't decide. I seem to have a knack for making things look like they've been through h*ll so I might give it a try. Im looking to upgrade though fiberglass though.
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Nice! I would just leave it clean or maybe just as much weathering as Jango's. Either way its really good.
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I like the clean look of it, it looks like it's right off the production floor ready for the next Mandalore...
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Great job. Im having second thoughts on my ESB.
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Killer man! You post that over at the MWF? I remember seeing this once before, I'll have to check over there... but awesome bucket!
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urbanfett wrote:

Great job. Im having second thoughts on my ESB.


I like it. It would be hard to make an entire suit out of it and keep the same cool simplicity without making it look boring. I think a chrome face plate would make this helmet look perfect. I like the brand new look as well. maybe you could put a little size indicator, like on new pairs of pants. lol.
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