Custom blaster idea!!!!


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Greetings all! I am working on my "custom" Fett costume and have seen and read many a great threads, ideas and suggestions.
I bought a general grievous blaster as my blaster to use. have done some weathering and stuff and looks really good (i think so anyway) what i'm looking for is a good idea / suggestion on adding or making a "butt" / stock or something just to give it a better look and feel.
Any help here would be hot :D

thanks...keep up the good work
oh, by the way...some of us are visual learners so pictures would be highly appreciated. this is not the finished product..just to show you what it looks like. ;)



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maybe you can screw it open at the handle, dremmel the right hole out for the stock that you can make from a scrap piece of wood, and then screw it all back together, bondo some, sand it and paint... might add and remove some more greeblies and stuff just to make it more custom instead of still looking alot like Grievous' gun.