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Has anyone here worked with it to make armour parts with? I hear that it is inexpensive, holds up fairly well, and gives good results while being easy to work with. Has anyone used this, could you tell me more about it. Im thinking of using it to make some armour parts with.
I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say "craft foam" but what is called craft foam here is sheets of thin foam that comes in lots of different colors. Usually you can only find it here in thin sheets, but it does come in thicker as well. I haven't used it to make armor....but I have used it to make patterns for my gauntlets and things since it's almost the same thickness as the sintra I have. I've also used it to make a crown for my Evil Queen costume (Snow White) so I know it paints well. I just used spray cracking or anything and the foam remained flexible. Soooo....that's what is making me think this isn't the same thing that you're talking about because you obviously wouldn't want it to remain flexible.
wow, that seems cool, unfortunatley, never seen it ANYWHERE, looks a bit thin to where round ofr long hours, cause of course, Star is prob gonna use this for her Zam.
a lot of the LOTR costumers use the craft foam idea to make armor. Once sealed with glue and painted, it looks no different than plastic armor would and obviously is easer to work with..

Check those costuming sites about it..
I made my sons armor from craft foam. I didnt paint it or anything because i wanted it to be flexible as hes only 4. He would be wanting to sit, jump around etc so i just superglued elastic onto the back.

The leg pieces ripped after a day where they rubbed but we didnt make them very well as it was really rushed.



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Yep...that's the stuff I was thinking she was referring to. Cool application certainly!! I had no idea you could get it to retain a shape that way! I'll have to add this info to my growing list of uses for this stuff.
the question id have is.. how strong is it? i dont expect it to take a punch or a bullet or anything.. but if you made it with all the layers and glue it asks for... well can it take a punch? lol may sound dumb.. but what i have in mind people are going to poke and prod at me and prolly give me a sucka punch or 2, and i dont want the gear hurt, if it hurts me thats ok, but all those hours makin the gear.. id get violent.
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