How to plastic coat foam and expanded polystyrene costume/prop pieces


Jr Hunter
I already posted this over at the RPF, but thought I'd post it here too: How to plastic coat foam costume pieces

I've been doing some testing with plastic coating plastazote foam, although I've only tried it a couple of times, I'm pretty sure it could give some amazing results with practice. Essentially this gives you the speed and ease of foam building with the finish of plastic or fiberglass pieces.

Here is my foam test piece:


It also works for expanded polystyrene and other materials, so I think my next project will be a Terminator Endoskeleton made out of foam, carved polystyrene, cardboard tubes etc, all plastic coated and painted up like metal.

Here's an article with words:

And a YouTube video showing the step by step process: XRobots - How To plastic coat foam & expanded polystyrene prop and costume pieces - YouTube

I really like what you did here. I watched the video. I'm also experimenting with it. Im just trying to find the American equivalent of some of the supplies. Nice demo though!
Yeah, ditto that. I think that technique could definately work for making a jetpack extremely lightweight. Maybe even stash a water bladder in it, for those hot summer troopings.
its a two part urethane , and if you going to try I suggest getting a urethane with the longest pot life, other wise your going to be doing a million baby coats and wasting to many brushes.
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