TK stormtrooper helmet interior foam kits - need help:)


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I would like to work on a new TK foam kit.

Id like to make them so they fit the most common sizes of TK helmets.

Im assuming this will take me 100 hours of fabrication to get the parts the way I want them, make the molds, and then come up with a process to pull the foam/ rubber kits.

So, first thing is can someone point me to a common TK helmet.

Second, as always, im goign to need someone to help me along the way, to make sure I am hitting all the points TK's will want hit.

Anyone have an old helmet they want to trade for a boba interior, and a TK interior when I get them done? And you can likely have your helmet back too:)


Bobby Fett UK

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Mason, will be iterested in a set of both Boba and TK when you get them done.

I can sort you a lid to play with, but I am sure there are guys out there who can do that which would be easier, but shout up if you need help.

PS, did you ever get the earth plugs you wanted?


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Thanks BF. Much appreciated. I got plugs and finished that project. Thansk for the help with that.

Should I just buy a MR helmet? Can I assume most of the lids are similar shapes/dimensions?

Is it more common to see a vac formed helmet, or a fiberglass, or roto cast?


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The majority of "legitimate" helmets are vac'ed. The MR is heavily sanitized and symmetrical.

The screen derived family - TE (original run), Gino, TE2, CAP / CAP West, ATA, AP are all "similar" in a way, but get smaller as you move down the list. AP's are tiny compared to the others.

The ATA and CAP West kits are pretty dirt cheap. I can flip you the info if needed.(y)


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If you haven't already, you might consider logging into the FISD website ( as they'll be able to give you the best lowdown on the TK bucket.


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Awesome info, thanks all.

Im looking to do a biker scout, and TK helmet interior at the same time.

I will check out but I hate to end up with another site with 100 pm's a day:)

The quickest and easiest way to get an inexpensive helmet for this project, is what im after! Last year I had boomers scout helmet for months, but RL problems prevented me from finishing the interior. This winter, I lost bunch of sculpts and models, and that was one of them, so its back to the drawing board.


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There is a TK helmet in the Visual Dictionary that shows the "imagined" interior in a helmet - similar to the Riddell Boba Fett. It does not show the back of the helmet, only the front interior.


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I would recommend following through with BFUK. He's your man, and you'll be making an interior for a SWEET bucket at that.


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I just got an ATA, but I am in mid-build. His kits are nice and he gets them shipped pretty quick. They are pretty inexpensive too, especially if you go with a HIPS bucket, you can save a little.


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Thanks for all the info guys. Im leaving for a week and as soon as I get back, this is my first priority. I appreciate the help. Now I have so many choices im not sure what to do:)
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