COOL custom Mandalorian design Ideas


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Hey people,, I came up with some pretty wicked custom madalorian costum ideas that you might like,

I used Seekers costume picture as a template,, I hope that was cool.
Feel free to comment and use these ideas if you wish.

Let me know what you think


ps I'm still looking to trade my boba fett armor for Star Wars UNLEASHED figures,, picture below this one.



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I really like the second one. I keep hearing that outlined armor takes a lot of time to do to get it even and straight.


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I like the second and third ones. Wonder if striping would be easier if you put a cover cut in the shape of the armor pieces, slightly smaller to give you the "outline", over the armor and then painted.


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Awesome designs! I never liked the idea of outlined armor though. It's like you're telling your enemy that anyplace that's not outlined is a weak spot. :p

I do like the idea of having the family crest on the belly plate. Just might have to borrow that idea!