complete Mandalorian, first outing

Mando soldier

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skip the link, I found a way to post the pics





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Wicked cool custom!! I'm in the progress of putting together a custom, and was planning to have a red and blue color scheme as well. My helmet will be pretty much the same as yours, except with red pinstripin going vertically up over the dome.

Definatly a cool custom!! And the red and blue looks great, which gives me confidence in mine. (y) :cheers



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hey man i use to live in cape i live in carbondale now =]] i go back to cape alot i had no idea their were mandalorians their 8)

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Nice job on the costume.

May I make some suggestions?

(I will post them right now)

You may want to paint the airsoft gun's tip, since it is orange (Unless you do use that for airsoft). And may want to mod it a bit...all up to you

And, if you can, you might want to replace the knee and shin armor. You can easily make some out of sintra if you can get your hands on it.

Also: What are you using for gauntlets, I can't tell in the pics...?

Thanks buddy