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Hey I painted my armor last night using the method that seems to be popular around here. for ESB armor. I used the chrome base no problem. then I liquidmasked off all the damage that I wanted. No problem. Then I sprayed two coats of Rustolem Spruce green and no problem. Not real dark but I figure that will be with the next color. Then i have sprayed two coats of the testors Med. Green and it just looks to light or yellowish for the ESB. is there another color I should add to it to darken it up some?

Thanks for help I will try to get pictures of it if I can.

Here you go.

Hmmm...Yeah, that really looks very light for some reason??? I'm kinda baffled??? Yeah, try misting with black & see what happens. As long as you don't remove your liquid mask, you should be able to try & darken it, or even spray annother color without compramising your weathering underneath. Let us know how it turns out;)

BTW: Are you using testors US med green out of the spray cans?? If so, that might be the problem. The color you need is US med green, but it is the Polyscale stuff in the bottles..Not the spray cans. Maybe we could get Rouge Studios to chime in with some insight.
is there a big difference in the spruce green and the medium green? Maybe the color difference has caused them to mix a bit, creating this different color. I'd try another layer or 2 of the medium green, see what happens.

Thanks for ideas. I have let it dry for the last few days and it has darkend a lot. I think the spruce green being just a bit tacky then I sprayed US Med Green which dryed all most instantly to touch. But it had not cured well. I will take some pix ASAP and post.

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