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Now does the strap wrap around the back piece or does it attach on the inside?

On a side note, how does everyone sit down in their codpiece? I made mine a little smaller, but geez, I can hardly bend over, let alone sit down! That makes for a LONG con!!
Hi Braks.. do you know exactly how the strap attach to the butt plate (velcro?...glue?...)

Terrible Rid wrote:Hi Braks.. do you know exactly how the strap attach to the butt plate (velcro?...glue?...)


Thats something pretty simple... i don't know how it was originally done but velcro would be good i would think ;)
I do not know how it attaches although I would agree that velcro would be the most simple way. I will probably glue a snap into mine to make a more permanent attachment as I really detest velcro!
Detest Velcro? Why? It is ........ well so velcrotastic! ( I don't care for it too much either. If I can determine any other way I try that first) There might just be a ring with the strap looped around it attached to the butt plate, perhaps there is a clip or other fastening device located on the bottom of the cod piece, where there is more room, although there isn't all that much room , Cough, Cough!!! :)
Has anyone thought about riveting the strap? Or you could use a small nut and bolt covered with foam. This way you could take it apart if you had to. You wouldn't be able to see the rivet.
TK9120 wrote:Has anyone thought about riveting the strap? Or you could use a small nut and bolt covered with foam. This way you could take it apart if you had to. You wouldn't be able to see the rivet.

Not sure I follow you. How would you be able to do this without the rivet or nut/bolt showing?
The bottom part of the codpiece goes between yours legs correct? If so, then no one would see the rivet. I don't have a codpiece yet so I can't tell how far back it goes. The back part would be covered by the belts. Does that sound right?
BB, remember how I riveted my Trooper shoulder bells and ABS-cemented them so you get no danger of the rivets showing through? That could be done, but snaps would be far more preferable than a permanent riveting anyway. I may not be sounding very coherant... rather sleep-deprived at the moment, but to Andy's defense, that magazine shot may have not even been JB. We can't even confirm that the shots of the ESB suit on page 28 of the Action figure archive is JB. When he looked at one of those photos, he said, "That was my first day on the set." Then, when he looked at another pic, he said, "I never wore a side arm like that!"
:lol: what a thread!!

Well I just had to show that you can't always stay in character when it comes to Fett. Sometimes that strap just has to be adjusted. BTW we can thank one of my more esteemed 501st members for posting this pic to our site. But ya just gotta have that strap don't ya!!
Coulden't you just sew the strap to the crotch of the jumpsuit and be done with it. You could just put a little clip in the front to keep the cod piece from flappin and it woulden't ride up and split ya in two.
My strap is rivited to the codpiece and to the butt plate. I tried velcro to hold it in place and make it adjustable but when the velcro came free it just hung there. That's not a pretty picture ya know? I rather it be too tight and secure than to hang down between my legs like a tail. :)
I made my cod piece (Wish I could post a piccy, maybe I will find a way....) any way I looked through most of the pics off the CD and other shots but I don't know how the cod piece and butt plate connect, are there small belts, I noticd there were some small square blocks (Keyboard keys?) but I don't know how the two pieces are connected per the movie version.
i have a metal cod piece and i just connected it with industrial strength velcro. it holds on there pretty well.
Good eye, fettcicle! The Cod piece attaches to the butt plate the same way the colalr plate attaches to the backplate. The cod piece overlaps the butt plate and a hole is drilled through both. Then (I assume) the cube, with a bolt sunk into it, is goes through both pieces and clamps the two halves together.

Like this:

Excellent (Tenting fingers together and saying with his best Mr. Burns voice) Thanks for the info! I was just about to make the butt plate, Now I know to make it a tad longer to overlap the cod piece!!! Maybe I will use a snap, Me no go potty with bolt in codpiece!!! :)
Smart move!!! I hadn't considered that but you have a VERY good point!!!
I use rivets to attatch a elastic belt and strap to mine using washers on the back side and this works very well, and the belt hides the rivets and you cannot see the strap rivet on the bottom of the cod peice. Rivets work EXCELLENT!!
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