Cod difference


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could someone explain this? we all know about the buckets but...

could someone explain the cods?

aosw cod.jpg

mom cod.jpg
Yup. I most certainly believe the MoM cod is one of the preproduction cods, though not from the Prepro 2.

The AOSW is a Jedi-styled cod. I just don't remember off-hand if it the screen-used cod or a back-up.
:) thnx! then I'll know what to use... though I figured the upper one (with the ESB helmet) was the right one for a ROTJ style, because the green on the pre-pro one is slightly different from the other armor pieces.
It does... I got the standup, and its heavily damaged by sunlight... very faded.. so I cant make it up, but it looks a little different...
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