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As the originator of these 2 versions of the chest emblem, I am posting them once again. I wanted to be sure that these were available to all for free! It seems someone is trying to make money off of them and that was never the intention. save them, print them out on label paper, proceed to put them everywhere!

Just follow the link for the images.

Link to Chest Emblems
Thanks for the emblems, I saw them a few days ago being sold on Ebay and on a certain mandalorian website. They are identical to yours.
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does anyone know what this symbol , and the other one for that matter is supposed to really represent ?and while we are at it what are the chest lights supposed to be for to ?i ask because i don't know and i'm tired of making things up when i am asked .
None really knows for sure, that is the mystery that is Boba Fett. I believe the bantha skull has some connections to Jabba, only because he is seen in ANH SE without it and then appears again with it in ESB in a different suit and commissioned by Jabba to capture Han Solo, and Jabba is from Tatooine which is the only place bantha's are located. -just a guess-

I also remember reading something that at a young age Boba earned his protectors sash -rope girth- and new rank on concord dawn just before his exile for killing another protector. Bur He was also responsible for destrying the spice drug from several worlds, maybe He was honored for that, I dunno.

Fett isnt evil, He is trying his best to rid the galaxy of what He thinks doesnt need to be there.
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