Flight Suit Chasing the right color


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I picked up a full Jango kit from another member, but the flightsuit color isn't 501st approvable as is; too purple.

So I tried one round of "denim blue" dye to try and bring the color back to a denim "blurple" rather than straight purple. Here were the results:

Under inside lighting, seems like a darker purple

Still inside but with sunlight, seems more blue shows up

So here's where I'm stuck. I feel like it's still too purple, like it needs more of a denim blue look on it. Am I wrong?

Do I leave it as it is now, do I run another round or two of denim and/or gray, do I need to bleach and start over? Looking for help from anyone who has experience dying their flightsuit


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Me personally I think it looks on point, I do see more purple in Jango's flight suit than the bluish purple it's supposed to be. Besides I think it makes the armour a lot more striking when the flight suit is more purplish.


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I am approved and I think my Jango looks decent..............there are many pics where my flighsuit looks that purple.

I would have your GML discuss it with some Jango Fetts. Sometimes you get a GML who doesn't know a character.


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Also............if that is you in the picture then you are approvable I promise.

My submission pics look just like that......


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Mullreel, was hoping you'd chime in. Your Jango is one of the ones I look at for comparison on what I need to fix on mine :)
Thanks for the encouragement, both TheBobaFett and Mullreel.

The first pic above was actually part of my first submission photos for 501st and MMCC approval. Both clubs told me it was too purple. :-(

Now with doing the one round of "denim blue" dye, I think it may be passable. I passed the last picture in this thread to one of my GMLs (an approved Boba and someone that has a good eye on Jangos) and he thinks it should be good.

I need to gear up again and see if the color turns out ok in pics, I guess. I think it currently matches the screen captures of Jango in the arena, but the promo pics has a more blue/denim.

If anyone has more feedback, please do let me know


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I don’t know how why they wouldn’t approve that. I think it looks great and wish you the best of luck!!!