Acrylics instead of Rattlecans for Jango Helmet and Classic Jetpack colors?


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I'm planning on buying a jetpack kit and painting it myself now to test my airbrushing skills. I'm debating on doing the helmet too.

I was able to find some acrylic's from the MindMeister map in the Boba Fett Helmet sticky thread since I know the classic jetpack colors are basically identical to Boba's just with no silver battle damage.

floquil jetpack.PNG

I also found most of the paint guides for Jango jetpack and helmet are rattlecans, and I'd like to avoid rattlecans if I can since I don't have easy access to a garage or outside to let it dry since rattlecans are super smelly compared to airbrush acrylics.

jango jetpack colors rattlecan.jpg

I also saw for Jango Helmets there are...
  • Rustoleum royal blue and krylon short cuts ocean blue.
  • RAL#5015 and RAL#5000-5001

Anyways, I just wanted to compile what I could find....
Can anyone point me in the correct direction when it comes to acrylics or is this something I'll just have to experiment with myself and report on it later?
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