CG helmet WIP - Update


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Hi all,

I made a bit more progress. I've cut the back out and will begin work on that area next. Please keep in mind... "Work in Progress" :p





How does it look?
It must have been fun waiting for those pics to render. Totally worth it though, Looks awesome. You could check at prototyping offices or patent offices to see if it can be printed.;)
When you made this, What software did you use. a Visual 3d(max,Maya) or an engineering 3d prog(Solid works,Autocad)
The reson why I ask, If your planning on printing or CNCing this. Convert it to a mesh, Or Poly, Then Remove smooth groups. Thats what you will see when it is printed Or CNC. I made some realy good stuff before I realized that most software packages auto smooth things for you, For instance if the dome was made from a sphere with only 6 points of interp(Default for MAX) it will show up like a golf ball when printed into the real world. And depending how you modeled it you may be able to apply a turbo smooth, or mesh smooth to get rid of some of it but it will always look like a golf ball.

I'm Working on a Jango right now and To get the dome smooth without using Smooth groups I Modeled mostly in Nurbs. But even Still the triangle effect still will show up. But I'm making vac Mold and usualy sand and fill when I'm done so it doesnt matter much.

Just food for though before you spend money on printer time. Export to a .stl and reimport it to whatever prog your using and thats a pretty good representation of what you will get

Here are 2 pics explaining what I mean
With Smooth groups


Hope this explains my rantering

Just alot of money to pay a company, to have them hand you something that isn't what you expected and have them say. "Thats the file you gave us, See"
I Quote cause I spent $$$ on some gauntlets I made and, long storry short they sit on my shelf as reminder of how compainies work.

I've done this using Nurbs for the most part so I can change the subdivision at anytime. I know what you mean by getting something that looks like a golf ball. I know the printers can't resolve "smoothing". Am I correct in the assumption though that a higher poly count means a higher cost?
Most places you will pay by the minut or hour run, So if the machine they have doesn't use a pre-process of mor than abou 50 moves. It will be very slow the higher the polycount. The servo's or steppers get fed the code in lines. If the servo is making moves that take less time to do than process the next line the servo wil actualy stop and wait for the next line. Now this doesn't affect the part at all it just causes dead time on the machine. If you find a company that is willing to sell by volume you should be able to jack the polycount to the roof. If your looking for a finished helmet thats the way I would go.
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