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Just ordered my 11.5 MOW boots this week and got them in the mail a today, wow I like them a lot. Now it's time for some weathering.


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Hey Skyfire, would love to see any weathering pics when you have them. I'm looking at getting a pair of MOW boots too - I'd better hurry up before my size is gone!


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I am a normally a 10.5-11.0 us Wide or 4E. So I went with 11.5. They are a little snug side to side, but should break in and plenty long enough. If I would have went with 12's they would be way too long, like clown shoes. Well there is that and I am making a display piece since I am too Fat to Fett so my manequin will not complain. Will post pics once I get them weathered, need to order supplies.

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Tried it on my old/new Mow boots, think I should go on or what do you think ?



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Hi I am curious about Boba Fett's boots combined with the spikes, I am not looking to build or paint, but rather to buy from someone. Does anyone know where I can buy one all made for a affordable price range? I am getting low on money because I have already bought other parts of Boba Fett such as all armor clothing and helmet. If you or anyone can help please tell me. I'm willing to pay. :)

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do you sell? These are awesome! :) Really am looking to buy from someone, I am not good at crafting and painting. :(
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