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Nice one Webchief, this is an excellent tutorial that worked wonders on my boots. Should help loads of people, Cheers Alex :)


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Thanks for the info! This is possibly the best tutorial on this that I have found! Now if CABoots would just get done making mine and send them.......


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OK so I just got my CABoots in the mail on Saturday, and imagine my surprise when I open the box and they are suede!!!!!! Not happy!!!!! I will be calling them tomorrow (had too much work today to fit it in) and complaining....they are supposed to be the best reproduction ever????????


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I wanted to show what this tutorial could do on a pair of the new styled, JangoWes boots.

First here's how they come. Nice and shiny new....and WAY too light and clean.

And remembering that this is what you're trying to emulate:


I followed Alex's boot weathering tutorial and found it to be a great resource.

First up was the wash of Charcoal and White

Then I needed to darken the dark areas with straight charcoal.

The next step was to wet brush charcoal into the recessed areas around the stiching and blend it in using a paper towel.

Then came some of the weathering using a mixture of Straw and Burnt Umber. You paint in the lines in the soles of the boots as well as give the entire white area a wash with the color. You can wipe away the paint if it goes on too thick. Also, you want to get some of the straw/umber mix up in the bottoms of the boot so it looks dirty.

The next step is to take the Purple and mix it with white and dry brush it onto the creases in the dark areas and mix it with black and dry brush it into the creases on the lighter areas.

Next, I took 220 grit sandpaper and scuffed up some of the areas around the elastic, the toe and the arches to highlight it. I also then took and stippled, wet brushed, dry brushed and flicked paint onto the soles to dirty them up more.

The final step was to install the toe spikes I got from Mojo Fett.

In the end, it was a lot of fun dirtying them up and they look a million times better!


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so from reading the replies on here, i see a bunch of unanswered questions about the difference between ESB and RotJ weathering.

the simplest way to tell is to just look at them both and see how they are different. if you are going to be painting this stuff, you need to stare at it until you can see what you are painting. otherwise all the tutorials in the world aren't going to help. look in the gallery, watch the dvds, etc...

i've been saying this a lot on a lot of different forums lately, but the single greatest tutorial you can ever read is this: "Make it look like the picture". that's it :)


has anybody done this exact tutorial on a pair of MOW's? His are more whiter/cream colored so I was wondering if using the paints would get the same results?

Mike M.

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you'll need to make them gray and black first, then begin the weathering process.