Custom Mandalorian C1RCA's Custome Mando in the works!


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Toronto expo will be a no go

hours are starting to pick up at work so i can start working on mando again =)

for an update i did pick up a m79 thumper wood stock not sure what i want to do with it exactly but i do want to do some sort of blaster like boba's fett ROTJ




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Thanks guys , I'll be attending c5 I already have my hotel pre-book and my air fair paid for

There will be more up dates months to come

Also I'll probably be looking for a camera man I'll pay him/she 300 for the day , they will be using my digital dslr camera so if any one is interested shoot me a pm

Take care


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I'm planning on making the trip this year! I have to get my kit done pretty much as soon as I get back to the states though.


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I'm planning on making the trip this year! I have to get my kit done pretty much as soon as I get back to the states though.

Yeah, I'll be working my shebs off to get mine in total ship shape and Mercs approved before C6. We can get our kits done, vode! ;)


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for anyone wanting to know what thei pistol looks like here it is


update :

ill be going home for 2 weeks off work at the end of march i havent been home since november oil fields do that too you hah

any ways i commission boba maker to finish up my armor for me and a few others for the parts daz does not make

so expect a lot of photos before i go back out in April

if i do not ill place a 250,000 credit bounty on my self =|



For Jango-esque leg armor, button holes in the flightsuit and elastic straps fed through the holes and snapped to the back of the armor.
hey all

and here is my concept art done by hydra

Looks good. but seriously dont think about the jockstrap. ;-) If the Cod plate is good enough attached to the belt it will stay in place. It is better IMHO when the plate hangs loose down which gives you more felxibility when walking, kneeing or sittng, cause the plate will shove itself into a ergonomicall place without revealing your crotch as a attackspoot for imagitive enemy fire - and you still can use the toilett by just clapping up.
A stiff leather strap threw your Notch will not only make you feel uncompfortable with each step you take - it will properbly pull down the ammo belt with each step you take. - also it not looks right. If you would be female and have a broader space between your legs, it may feel less compfortable.

If you still insist to mount the lower angle of your cod - A snapseal on an elastic band in Flightsuit color sewed in the invisible space between that Cod-edge and the lowerfront crotch would be an idea. Still flexile, not visible and you can snap it open if you need to.