Budget Fett Blasters interest thread - Update 12/3/03!!!


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UPDATE 12/3/03 - Check the cargo hold for two of my blasters!

UPDATE 11/29/03 - I have completely finished the first blaster, which is a ROTJ ( even though I am an ESB Fett). When I went to get parts for the next couple, I couldnt find one of the key parts I need. The store was out of stock. Instead of doing any kind of organized "run" of blasters, I am just going to put them in the cargo hold here as soon as i finish them. It may be only one every once in awhile based on my supply of parts. I will have the first one in the cargo hold as soon as possible, more than likely later today, with pics and more info, so check there later. - END UPDATE

Hello all,

I, like many of you, am a budget fett costumer. I am trying to make the most accurate fett costume i can, while spending the least ammount of money possible. While on this quest, I have created a budget fett blaster that looks close enough to the movie version to fool 98% of people, but yet wont take a chunk out of your wallet. I have created both ESB and ROTJ versions, and will post pics in a few days. I have figured a price of $60. I am just wondering if this sounds like a fair price for a blaster I would say looks 75 to 80% accurate? I know it is hard to judge without a pic, and i will try to remedy that soon, but this is just to see if you people think it is a good price, and to guage interest, so post a reply if you may be interested. By posting this iin no way wish to dis the fine blaster kits you can buy, they are all great. I am just trying to offer a low cost solution for low budget costumers.By the way, the blasters come fully painted and weathered.
To be honest I really have no need for this blaster but at that price it sure is tempting! I think if your pictures look convincing enough you should have no probelm finding an interested crowd.
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I'd be interested in seeing the pics. The other blasters I've been scoping are running in the $150-$185 range on the 'bay. While these look good, I've seen different variations of them, and not 100% convinced that I need to spend that much on them. I'd like to see the pics.
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If the pics look good then I would be interested. :)
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I should have pics up some time tomorrow (saturday). Also I have done some refiguring, and it looks like the price will be $60 not $55. I hope this does not upset anyone. BTW thanks for the interest guys, it is motivating me to continue this project.
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Keep up the good work.

I would be interested in at least seeing the pics. I may even consider purchasing one depending on how it turns out.

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