BudaFett's ESB Fett WIP


Hi I’m Bobert!
Got the stripe painted on. Working on weathering.


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Hi I’m Bobert!
UPDATED LIST 3/29/2021

Helmet: FPH2 by Fett Pride FINISHED by superjedi
Metal Ears: MachineCraft and painted by SuperJedi
Light kit: Jc27 kit.
*Found Part* Polaroid sx-70 view lens
*Found Part* MQ-1 Casio Calculator circuit board* Needs to be installed

Armor: FP Armor by @WastedFett and painted by me.
Chest electronics: Fettronics
Knee Darts: MachineCraft

Gauntlets: WastedFett painted by me.
Copper Rocket V3 and nickel plated darts: Machinecraft
*Found Part* Eveready Mini Light*
*Found Part* MQ-1 Casio Calculator*
*Found Part* Micro Mega Dental files*
*Found Part*correct momentary push-button switches

Flight suit: Clothears
Flak vest: Clothears
Gloves: Clothears

Cape: found canvas printed stripe by me.
Ammo Belt: Vinyl Belt by woodman . Painted by bcurtis
Girthbelt: Woodman
Wookiebraids: V2 wookie braids by Woodman

*Found Part* : Pucle 40 Sidearm

Jetpack Harness: Locally made by Hansen Metal Fabrication. Straps and bucles by www.strapworks.com
*Found Part* vintage US diver buckle*

Jetpack: WastedFett and painted by me.
Jetpack beacon, Activation Buttons, collar and Directional Thrusters, Stabilizer and bottom vent: Dakota

Bootspikes: mojofett
Jetpack clips and hooks: full metal fett

Shintools: *Found Paterson squeegee and stir stick* (Squeegee and Chemical Stirrer) painted by me.
2 Shin Tool Rods: Dakota

EE3 Blaster: ESB built by Sidewinder
*Found Part* Unimax fail-safe switch type “O”*
*Found Part* Renwal reveal v8 greebies*
*Found Part* Pin & Socket Connectors*
*Found Part* Umarex type 3 4x20 scope with correct feet*
*Found Part* AM Earth Plugs x 3
Walnut wood stock: Woodman
Leather sling: Woodman

Holster: *Found Parts* Real Nemrod holster.


Hi I’m Bobert!
Oh it’s been a slow burn Ord Mantell. Hopefully in 2022 I can acquire a real webley and maybe an MPP. I doubt I’ll ever find a dental expander but we’ll see!

In terms of those switches I can pull them out later and see if there’s any identifiable item numbers.