BudaFett's ESB Fett WIP


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Contemplating building a blast fx inside my mojofett Pulce , there looks like there is enough room. My trigger doesn't work tho so will have rig something up


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I got another steal off eBay for a "found part" yesterday for $25! Pretty excited for this one!

Calculator should be here today!


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Let's talk about found parts!

My gauntlet is finished until my new copper rocket is here from MachineCraft but the calculator piece really is a huge improvement over the resin cast! Plus the buttons work now!


My latest found piece, it was being sold on eBay for $25 and the seller was in the next town over! A real US Divers buckle!


Not a bad few weeks for upgrades with real found parts!


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Cutting the MQ1 down was one of the most nervous things I have done
Agreed! I cut off a good chunk on both sides and then used the sanding wheel to get it as even as I could. I wasn’t sweating a $50 investment. I think it came out great and it’s such an improvement over the resin cast!