Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)- 11/3 -Soft part dying started


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Man, I really really love that helmet!
Call 1-800- Fett 4 Real to get yours today!


I've updated the first post of this thread to show a check list to track what to do and to visualize how far this build has come.

We're almost there!!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me find parts and given feedback.
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Been a bit since some solid updates. Trying to balance this build with another project and life in general, but the show slowly goes on.

To summarize:
-Jb Dubz is getting ready to work on the body armor as the Arizona heat is starting to settle down.
-The Jetpack and Sling Gun have been packed up to be shipped to Fett 4 Real shortly for a paint up.

Flight Suit Dye Test:

Ok...this is the beginning stages of the most scary part of this build, self-dying the flight suit PrePro2 blue. Before I botch Arkady's work, I've performed 4 dye test with different combos of RIT Evening Blue and Royal Blue with test fabric graciously provided by Arkady. Jb Dubz and I referred to a RIT Dye combo chart that was published by the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In that chart, is a color we felt was very close:

Knowing this was the ballpark to aim for, I cut some samples from Arkady's fabric and did the test. I yielded some solid results from the first four; where sample #2 was close to the Kenner references. Recording the steps I took to get it, I plan to replicate it some more and use the raito chart in the RIT combo chart.


Lighting throws these off hard.


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Gith Belt coloring

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the girth belt discontinued the brown variation, which is the color of the Pre Pro 2 girth belt. I ran across a thread on the Boba Fett Kit Builders group where Stevie Jay, a fellow Fett, used this method to stain his. The product used is by Minwax and is their Express brand stain and comes in a bunch of colors; I used Walnut after looking at results on Amazon reviews. They are also water based and easy to clean.

You'll need gloves and to be outside.


To apply, I squirted it right on to the belt and rubbed it in circular motions to get an even spread. I used two tubes of the Minwax to get as much coverage as I could, but you're still going to have areas where the stain couldn't get to fully since the ropes are twisted. I bought a spray paint that was similar in color and plan to mist some areas to touch up; in this case, I bought Krylon Satin Leather Brown.


number count.jpg

Spat dying
This the start of the most stressful process of this build. I decided to go for the spats first with the goal of making them blue-gray. I had two pairs, so I had some room to adjust. I should note, whenever you dye something, the moisture makes them look so different before they fully dry. The first pair ended up looking like ESB fabric blue, un-weathered.

The second was the winner. I forget how many teaspoons I used of Evening blue; but I think it was two. After letting them soak for a good 5 minutes or so, I reloaded the dye bucket with water and added Pearl gray and let it sit for 3-4 minutes, then washed in the sink with mild detergent.


**Jump suit color goal to show contrast, phone camera misses up the shading pretty hard.

I plan to do the flight suit next, but I'm hesitant as I feel I need to plan more.

To be continued...