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Just out of curiosity. where the hell did the LED's idea come from. I dont think ive ever seen blinking LED's in ANH, ESB or ROJ. where did this come from?:confused :confused and Ive actually never seen the LED's on.
I believe the blinking LEDs are visible in the scene in ESB when Han escapes after the Star destroyer dumps the garbage and Boba chases him. There is a shot of Boba with his rangefinder down and the lights can be seen flashing on the top.
I took a good look at that scean and no blinking do I see. but I do see that the "LED's" look more like cut off nail head's. they'er not the high rased round toped Led's that I see on most costumes. can any one post a pic from the films that proves the blinking?
Here is the deal with the LED's: we NEVER see the LED's clearly lit or blinking in either ESB or ROTJ. However, there are two or three promotional stills (I am sure of an ESB still and a Preproduction 2 still) that show one of the LED's lit while the rangefinder is down.

Also, at various conventions, Jeremy Bulloch demonstrated the blinking pattern of the LED's while the rangefinder is down.

And yes, many fan-made helmet LED's tend to be too tall. The LED's on the real helmet look more squatty.
There are a couple of good pics of the recessed LEDs on top of the ROTJ helmet, in the MoM section of the Reference CD. I'll have to see if I can find it, unless someone beats me to it.
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