BobaFett007's ESB WIP


I have the same flight suit, neck seal, pouches, and vest all from arkady. I had my local tailor hook me up. She was really nice I didnt tell her but once I finish my build I was gonna go make a surprise troop over there!


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Just for the sake of conversation, I was looking through references and saw this. I don't see the gap, but maybe it is lighting?? I do see a similar shape though.

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I’m not super experienced at this but it looks like the angle hides it a bit. But it does look to me there is some sort of gap. Maybe someone else has a better idea


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OMG, the reference CD :lol: You should take a look at the "Media" button.
I love the media section here, but I was feeling nostalgic today so I figured I’d go old school and look at my old reference cds.:lol:
Actually found Jango, Vader and Sandtrooper ones as well.

These recent builds have inspired me and revived my love for all things Boba Fett.