BobaFett007's ESB WIP


Hi everyone, I'm starting to get some of the pieces in the mail so figured I'd start my WIP. I have just about everything I need ordered it's all a matter of when they'll be completed. I have had so many questions jumping into this so I'll start by thanking everyone who's been apart of my build so far, and to the people just starting out I would check out some of their build threads. I have learned a ton by reading through them. Special thanks to TheRascalKing (Justin), helped build my TK and has pointed me in the right direction for everything regarding Boba, AFFO$, for answering hundreds of my questions, painting, assembly, and having great communication, Greg S. for helping me along the way plus a great mentor, Wasted Fett for the helmet and gauntlets, but also for answering tons of questions, Krewkid87, who has a great build thread going, I have been asking him tons of questions while starting to order my pieces and he has been a great help, and finally Darth Voorhees, for your help and squeezing one last jetpack in on your run.

Also thanks to Machine Craft, Jc27, BudaFett, Fettastic, Arcady, CannonFodder347, Woodman, Mike M., Bigdane, 01Hawk, Malc, Boba87fett, R4ZORBL4DE, Emperor Fett, Fandango Fett, Art Andrews, Scott Kaufmann.

Helpful Build threads:

Fettastic (Inspired my build)
Wasted Fett (Wasteland) (Also inspired my build)

Parts List

Helmet: Wasted Fett Fugly Helmet (Painted by AFFO$) (Received)
Armor: RS Props (Purchased from R4ZORBL4DE) (Painted by AFFO$) (Received)
Gauntlets: Wasted Fett (Painted by AFFO$) (Received)
Jetpack: Darth Voorhees (being assembled/ painted by Darth Voorhees) (Received)

BigDane Jetpack Harness: purchased from Emperor Fett (Included US Divers Buckle) (Received)
Extra Straps for Harness: BigDane (Received)
Cape: Woodman (Received)
Wookiee Braids: Woodman (Received)
Girth Belt: Woodman (Received)
Ammo Belt: Woodman (Received)

Soft Goods (Received)
Flightsuit: Arcady
Flak Vest: Arcady (shiny)
Neck Seal: Arcady (attached option) (shiny)
Pouches: Arcady

Gloves: Mike M. (Received)
Sidearm Holster: BobaMaker (Received)
Shin Tools: Scott M. on Facebook (Received)
Boots: Wasted Fett (Fandango Fett run) (Received) (Metal Toe Spikes included)

EE-3: Hellhounds (Received)
EE-3 #2: Warmachine (Painted by Scott Juarez) (Received)
Barrel (MPP) for Webley Blaster (Roman Props (Received)
Found part greeblies (Scott Juarez)
Sling: Portumac Prop Studios (Received)
Pulce 40: Andy M. on Facebook (Received)

Bonus Items:
Machine Craft Metal Ordered: Gauntlet rocket, collar/ cod studs, Gauntlet darts (nickel), borden connector, hollow rangefinder stalk. (Received)
Metal Flame Thrower: Combatbaby (Received)
Servo/ Rangefinder light kit: Jc27 (Received)
Glenross Dental Expander (Recieved)
Voice System: Micom (Received) (Definitely recommend. Thank you CannonFodder347 for the recommendation!)
Aker 1506 Speaker (Received)
Casio MQ-1 Calculator Keyboard (Ordered from KenChan) (Received)
Webley 4x20 Scope (Ordered from Fettastic) (Received)
Red and silver dental files (Ordered from 01Hawk) (Received)
Jetpack dental file: Ordered (Shipped to Darth Voorhees)
Machine Crafts pieces for Jetpack (Shipped to Darth Voorhees)
Jetpack beacon light kit (Jc27): Ordered (Shipped to Darth Voorhees)
Eveready Mini Light (Ordered from JojoFett95) (Received)
Light bulb (Ordered from SUTT4869) (Received)

Still Need To Order:

In Search Of:

I hope that's it. Thanks again for all of the help I have received. I am so excited and can't wait for the pieces to start being delivered. Pics to follow.
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Here is the Wasted Fett Fugly Helmet and the updates from AFFO$ so far:






Here is the armor from R4ZORBL4DE painted by AFFO$. After looking at it a second time, he felt he should add more weathering to it, and offered to fix it. I can't thank him enough for all the help he has been. He will also be painting the emblems.











Very sweet dude! lol I have my mic but ive just been trying to mimic the 4 main lines he says with just my regular voice so I could still have a normal conversation with people. It is super awesome though good find!!!


Haha I was thinking about doing that but it just seemed complicated coming up with what to say plus sounding like him. It seems much easier with a mic as a tk. We'll see but for now this seemed the way to go haha :lol:


No updates regarding my build as of now. The EE-3 should be done by the end of this week. Not that I needed to spend more money on Boba Fett, but I picked this up from Daniel Logan's birthday sale (signed by Daniel and Mark Austin).