Boba Fett voice changer?


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hey guys, is there a voice changer that will make you sound close to the real Boba? i'm looking for a voice amp, and i thought, that would be extra cool if you sounded like Boba, while playing the part. so.....any links...? any info will be greatly needed. thanks,

Predatormv wrote:

Has anyone bought and used one of those hyperdine labs boba voice amps? How good does it sound?

I'm curious about that as well. They certainly are a lot cheaper than they used to be.
I dont see how that sounds like Boba at all, the other bounty hunter sounds almost dead on. But i know you can get them cheeper for the stormtrooper.
I got one for $20.00 off a friend with 4 voice modes.

You can sound like the Fett man himself . . . You just gotta provide

the extra umph with the voice part. I will try to find out where he bought it from.
Well now, this depends a lot on whether we are discussing trying to sound like the unaltered Classic Trilogy Fett, or the most recent incarnation. Thanks to Uncie George, no one will have any memories of how Boba used to sound within a few years anyway. I guess it doesn't matter really, it'll change again in a decade or so.

yea...does anyone have an audio playing of what it sounds like....kinda like what TK-409 has on his site. that would probably determine if i were to buy it or not. i've seen the stormtrooper voice changers, and they sound almost dead on. i just would like to make sure that boba's sounds close as well.
<font color="red"> Though I haven't heard his voice changer, Hyperdyne is a friend of mine and I can tell you his work is very high quality! And I can assure you it is worth the money! If I remember right he told me that you have to tune it to your voice to get it to change it right! His stuff is high quality though his lifesize remote control R2 has all the R2 sounds programmed perfectly and is fully mobile and quite loud if turned up! He is always very popular at events!
Just my $.02
Does dat vo-eese chanjah make ya sound laahk youra from Nah Zeelin?


No offense New Zealanders, I was just spelling it phonetically.

See, it is like me... I am from Texas...

Howdee Y'all, Ahm frum Tayaxass! We allsa gonna go in punch some cows later on, y'all know, by my farm where I wear mah cowboy boots? Yee-haw, I got to get theis cow$#!+ outta mah teeth!

;-p + ;-p
good grief.... I can picture the conventions over there now... hundreds of Fett's trying to work that kiwi accent... Oh the Horror!!

It'll make Dragon Con so much more fun!

gorman wrote:

err... do we really sound like that to you guys?

Well, there is definately an accent!
I am from Michigan USA. The best way to describe what we sound like is to read this:

It's pretty dead on to how we pronounce things here.

The new Boba Voice went from a gravely "He's No good to me Dead!" to "Ees Now Good to me Did!"

I am not dogging the accent so much as the changing the origional to the new one. Face it, if somethings not broken, you don't try to fix it. Jango had the accent but Boba was very young when he died and odds of him keeping his accent are slim based off of his EU upbringing unless he hired a speach coach like Schwartzeneggar does to keep his Austrian Accent.

At any rate, the voice amp is a cool item.The price tag made me choke on my coffee but I am sure for that price it should work fine! LOL
Neither New Zealanders nor Texans can say we speak the Queen's English. Hmm?

Aussies and New Zealanders are great! I was on a train from Munich to Paris and shared a cot room with a couple (Aussies) and they shared their booze, AND their sleeping pills! Yay, drugs!

By the way, my mother's old room-mate was Australian (they shared a house in Florida from 1996-2001)...I was telling her on the phone "I am going to be Jango Fett for Halloween (in 2002)" and she asked who that was...I said it is Boba's daddy, sort of...and he is played by Temuera Morrison...and she said "OH MY GOD! MY SISTAH WAS MARRIED TO EEM"...then I said "You are S******* ME!" and then she says "He ees a Mauri fello, ee deed a low budget film where ee wassa wiyfe beatah." OMG! I had just seen this film that no one on earth has seen on the Indy Film channel where Tem is jerk Mauri skippy!

small world.

gorman wrote:

err... do we really sound like that to you guys?
G'day me down under Bukeet Hed Matee Mason!

Master-Jedi-Allma wrote:

G'day Bigaboyfett...
no worries mate... she'll be right! where'd I leave my gumboots?....hmmmmmmm

(New Zealander (y))
:lol: :lol: :lol: yall are sooooo stupid....and yes, i am from Alabama!!!!....really, how could yall tell....if your stupid, hints the word, yall. :lol: :lol: just kidding. just thought i'd add my part. :)
Big Mike
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