Boba Fett shoes - "I got it"!! (4-29-03)


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Hello everyone!

I finally went to the town that makes customized shoes and had mine ordered. Armed with printed pics that I got from Rex, I showed them the Fett shoe from every angle & they said they could do it.
There's a choice of doing it in leather, Nubuck or canvas...I had mine made in genuine leather, unless ofcouse if Nubuck or canvas is more preffered.
They are unsure however if they have the grey garter on the side....they do have white or black. Is it possible to dye the garter grey if I elect having white? Or would black garter be better to match the stripes?

It'll take 2 weeks for 'em to make it so I guess I'll show you pics of it by then.
However, if you think Nubuck or canvass is more preffered, please tell me asap as I only have 2 days from now to tell them before they cut up the material.


I am sure the movie shoes where not made from leather, I think canvas is a better choice.
Let's see what the experts say (BB, BF??)

Here is the link for the ref cd.
I am sure it will help in future projects. ;)
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Yeah, leather is DEFINITELY NOT the way to go. The real Fett shoes were canvas or something. Just check the reference CD for close ups.
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Really interesting posting. For how much ($) do you think they'll be able to make these boots? Keep us posted.

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I would recommend the canvas as well. As for the ankle expansion joint (garter), I'd go with the white and then paint/dye it gray later. Please post some pics when you get them as quality boot suppliers are few and far between.
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yeah, I completely agree that canvas is teh way to go. I have long felt that the boots look like a pair of modified converse all stars (the sole is dead on I think)

Let us know how these turn out!

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I'll be getting a call from them if they cant provide a grey colored garter - so if I have a choice of either black or white, atleast I could tell them which color.

However, if I elect the white garter & dye or paint it grey later......wont the grey color run to the canvass around the garter?
In leather, then it could work - but in canvass?
Been asking this myself since earlier.

Any other opinions?

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Looking at the photos, I believe the original boots, MoM/AoSW, were a white material that was most likely painted rather than being gray off the bat.
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ditto on canvas appearing to be the correct material.

I'd love to see what they come up with as well,
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Great post! I was just sitting here this afternoon staring at my converse and how the shape on my foot works perfect. I was trying to imagine how I would turn them into Fett boots. Canvas is definitely the way to go. I thought for sure the elastic part was black. If you're going to go all the way - please don't go with white hoping to dye it. Black will be much better and you can dirty it to lighten it up if at all. See the Ref CD photo below.
Thanks for looking into this!!
- ChrisB.

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I agree. Black looks more accurate. You could just use some dye remover, or just drag them through dirt to get a more greyish look. Chalk, maybe?
::Edit:: Hey, this is my 100th post!!! In less than a month, too. Can you tell I have no life?
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<font color="#ff5555">WARNING: Please do not KICK, or pretend to KICK anybody in the shins with Boba Fett Shoes on - Thank You

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Ouch... It would be stepping out of character, though. Use all blasters first, then use gauntlet items, THEN the shoes.
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Thanks for the recommendations, they're all great!

How about the stripes - could they be black leather?

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The elastic was white as well. And I do not believe the shoes were dyed. I think they were painted. But hey, that's just how I think the originals were done...I could be wrong.
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I know that canvas is the way to go. Listen to TylerDurden and you won't be wrong. I think that the elastic in the side was black. About the black lines, it's better to use black piping, material of your choice, which leather would be adequate and more accurate.

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