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Also, wanted to add here a post I had made in this thread:

Taking apart an original pulce 40

I wanted my trigger to work but didn't want the rod sticking out of the front of the gun. I found a solution.

I pulled the upper receiver apart (it is just pressure fit together) and the. Resinserted the back/barrel back into the grip. I took the trigger rod, cut it way down and retreaded it. I added a spring and a bit to the shortened rod which made the trigger work again. Then I just slid the aluminum body back in place and put the barrel on! Done! Trigger works with no external visible changes.

For anyone wondering, the threading is M3 x 0.50

PS. Please don’t critique how badly I bent the rod rethreading it. ;)


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Interesting. Shaving my real holster was scary but if I ever find a real Pulce 40 I'll leave it to the same person who will be "correcting" my replica... Fett 4 Real ...
I know that feeling. It was terrifying cutting the band off and it pained me to sand off those logos. The first Pulce I owned was a Pulce 60 body (but with the correct length barrel). I was so embarassed by the "60" instead of "40" on it and never showed that side of the pistol. :lol Little did I know at the time all that was sanded off anyway... Oh well. We live and learn.

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RafalFett , if I might offer a suggestion; the barrel of Fett's pistol always appears to be in the same place. Behind the tip are three prongs. The one prong is always at the bottom with the other two at approx the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions. When you twist the barrel like this, it places the two large holes (just in front of the knurled section) at approximately the 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock position.






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I've now altered my Pulce using all the info discussed in this thread, including removing the logos, repositioning of the front barrel section and adding the strip of tape. I've also adjusted the brown colour and the weathering techniques on both the brown section and the barrel to match Art's photo.

Moulds are made and here's a photo of a resin copy all painted and weathered. This pistol also features a tough, rubber front section to avoid breakage.

As always, I can't thank Art enough for publishing the photos and sharing the information.



Thank you Art for this Information, now I can cut that p60 and Sand it to take the logo's off! Now I might do something to the thing since I have had it for sooooooo long.

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While many of you will likely be displaying your pistol with your costume, I don't have a costume, so I designed a small display stand for the holster and pistol to be displayed side by side, so both of them could be shown off. Still need to paint the base black and need to do a little extra work on the holster, but I am pretty thrilled with the simplicity of this display.


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I just finished my pulse and today came across this. I will be promptly correcting mine to match! Thanks for the info and update. Goes to show that we will never be done with our Fetts!