Boba Fett Chest Display *Interest Thread* $82.50


Vader UK

Hi all,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My real name is Tristan and I'm from the UK.

Most of you guys may already know Han Hunter (Si) from this board, and I have become friends with him through another project.
Please feel welcome to talk to him about me and this project.

Ok, now my reason for the posting:

Over the past months I have been involved in a project to produce Boba Fett Chest LEDs.

Please make yourself known if you'd be interested in Boba Chest displays. Here is what they will look like when finished: (MPEG Movie)

The two LEDs on the bottom of the movie are the RF LEDs, please ignore those as they WILL NOT be part of this project.

I am in talks to get this made for people interested, cost will be £45 including worldwide shipping. ($75)

Once the list of people hits 50, I will start production.


Ooooooh, cool! Price is nice too! Good job! I doubt you'll hit 50 though :p...maybe, you never know.

You beat be to it ;) I was planning on working on a set as well lol!

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I know, 50 is a little optimistic. But it's the only way to keep the price low.

If less are made, the price will increase.

We'll see how this goes. :)

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First off, welcome to the group.

Second, no I'm not here to say anything bad towards any competition. ;) I just want to say good luck on getting that 50 count. Mine is available for $30 more (including the shipping), but that's because I order/sell mine in small batches. Boards are ordered when I have as few as 2 or 3 interests.

Anyway, good luck. This may be my cue to bow out gracefully ... but hopefully not until I've sold off some of the boards I just ordered. :)


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The list so far..... (Updated 07/08/2003)

1. TK363 - Tony - RPB
2. mekroid - RPB
3. Colonel Threllvonda - TDH
5. chewies big toe - Steve - RPB
7. Blastech - TDH
8. webchief - TDH - Bob Gouveia
9. Defiler - TDH
10. jvasilatos - RPF
11. fett234 - Sean - TDH

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Sorry for the delay in posting, Tristan. As you know, I suffered a nasty wallpapering injury (don't ask!).

Yeah, just to confirm to all, I do know Tristan and confirm he's a stand up chap. Fairly new here, but a veteran on the UK Replica Props Board and veteran costumer (His Vader is pretty darn cool!).

I have one of the chest LED's he's shown above and have to say I'm impressed. A few were made as prototypes, and it's a different company looking at the mass production, so it may be refined slightly.

I've chatted to Tristan about this project in some detail, and if the minimum order of 50 is not reached, We've agreed that I'll speak to the company I have doing the RF servos mentioned in the Helmet forum to see if they can do it without a minimum order for the same price. The project will, or course, remain Tristan's, I'm just trying to help out where I can. I had thought about asking them to do this once the RF thing was developed, but Tristan beat me to it. Well done mate.

So there's the public vote of confidence. Please PM me for the awful truth about Tristan and the incident with the Cucumber, the foil and the airport security scanner. Joking!

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Put me down for a set. That is so wicked.
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Hi Tristian

Got my chest lights last week from Han Hunter, and there great itching to get them in my alu armour.



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Hi Chaps,

Sorry for the delay since Jesse's update request!

I've been chatting to Tristan about this project quite a bit. It's all pretty cool. I have one of the prototypes of these and they rock! Although the PCB is a bit cumbersome (easily hidden in a side pouch though, so no biggie).

Tristan's original supplier was able to do them, but had a really high minimum order (50+ IIRC). If the minimum was not met there was an extra charge (£250 I think) which would have meant it was not economically possible.

Tristan asked me to speak to the guy who is doing the RF servos on my thread about those. I've done that and he is confident that he can do the work, keep it on budget and have a much more flexible minimum order. Much will depend on the final sign up quantity so we won't know for definite for a little while, but it's looking good at the moment.

Given that I already know this guy and Tristan is snowed under with some real life stuff at the moment. He has asked if I would take on the project, which I am happy to do :)

I shall chat to Mike (the electronics guy) again soon, but he has told me that once the second run of RF servo's is done, he has another project that he urgently needs to work on for a couple of weeks which will take up all of his time.

What I have from him so far is that he can make the units, can tidy up the PCB and make it a little smaller. Any further improvements will be posted if they come to light.

So that's the current status. Updates will follow once I have them, but it may be quiet for a bit while he clears the decks of his other work.

Any questions, PM me or mail me.

::EDIT:: - Just thought, for anyone in a hurry for a chest unit, I think Shackman has a few that he's looking to clear that he could get done quicker. Give him a PM, I'm sure he'll help out if he can.

::End Edit::

Cheers for now.

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Can't say that I can afford to spend any more money on this project but ...

In the spirit of giving here at the TDH community, how about a tutorial on how to make these ourselves?

Look at it this way; you will still get lots of orders from people that don't want to attempt to make their own.

C'mon ... please ... I'm just a poor bastard with a brand new baby and a mortgage, trying to make my Boba dreams come true.
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You'll find the schematics here, but be forewarned that etching these boards and getting all the components will likely cost you more than $75 unless you buy everything in bulk and sell the extras, as these guys are doing. The last time I priced everything individually, it was close to $100, not including the labor to put it all together.

Edit - Updated link to ESb Chest Display
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