Boba Fett Carbine Blaster built with EVA Foam, PVC & 3D Printed Greebles

Haas of Props

New Hunter
Hello Everyone! I'm new here, but I have been a long-time viewer/admirer of the work that happens here!
I recently built the version of Boba's EE-3 rifle which we got to see in The Mandalorian, and now we will get to see more of in The Book of Boba Fett.
Here are photos of my process, and if you want to see the full build check out my video:
haasofprop 1.jpg

haasofprop 2.jpg

haasofprop 3.jpg

haasofprop 4.jpg
haasofprop 5.jpg

haasofprop 6.jpg

haasofprop 7.jpg

haasofprop 8.jpg

haasofprop 9.jpg

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haasofprop 11.jpg

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haasofprop 15.jpg

haasofprop 16.jpg

haasofprop 17.jpg

haasofprop 18.jpg

haasofprop 19.jpg

haasofprop 20.jpg