1. C

    Want to Buy Vintage MPP clamp

    Hello fellow Fett fans and EE-3 builders. I was wondering if anyone has a leftover vintage MPP clamp? Thanks for helping out if you can. MTFBWY
  2. T

    13 years of collecting parts almost ready to start assembly of my EE-3

    Would really like to find some original split plugs. What is considered the "correct" ones the AM or FM? and anyone know where I might be able to find them?
  3. Cadet

    ESB EE-3 Sling Ring Hardware

    Making my way through my list of upgrades for my ESB, I have gotten to The addition of the sling to my EE-3. My blaster did not come with a sling or even the ring mounting hardware for the sling. What have you guys used for the ring mounting hardware for your Slings? Is there a commercially...