1. JGattonII

    Blaster Assistance Requested: EE-3 / MPP Flash "Mystery Holes" Alignment

    Hi All! While trying to wrap-up a few odds and ends for my EE-3 build, I realized that I had not yet dilled the "mystery holes" into the end of my MPP and so I began researching their precise placement. Disclaimer: I must first admit that I'm not very educated in - and/or experienced with -...
  2. Haas of Props

    Boba Fett Carbine Blaster built with EVA Foam, PVC & 3D Printed Greebles

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here, but I have been a long-time viewer/admirer of the work that happens here! I recently built the version of Boba's EE-3 rifle which we got to see in The Mandalorian, and now we will get to see more of in The Book of Boba Fett. Here are photos of my process, and if you...
  3. Mannylu305

    ESB EE-3 Blaster scope

    Hello fellow hunters. I’m in the process of building my ESB EE-3 blaster, but I’m trying to figure out which scope would work best. I found one in Amazon and would like your feedback on it.
  4. Bob A Feet

    Hasbro EE-3 Painting - "Oil Rubbed Bronze" Spray Paint?

    Hey everyone, Getting ready to repaint my Hasbro EE-3. Just want something Halloween quality, but the stock green and orange paint scheme has to go. I was thinking of using a metallic black paint followed by some brushed on silver accents (then maybe a matte or semi-gloss coating?) but then I...
  5. C

    EE-3 blaster displays

    I’m hoping to get some great ideas on displays or stands that members have acquired or created for their EE-3 blasters. It’s time to show off your EE-3’s with some photos please. Thanks!
  6. TD4242

    13 years of collecting parts almost ready to start assembly of my EE-3

    Would really like to find some original split plugs. What is considered the "correct" ones the AM or FM? and anyone know where I might be able to find them?
  7. Cadet

    ESB EE-3 Sling Ring Hardware

    Making my way through my list of upgrades for my ESB, I have gotten to The addition of the sling to my EE-3. My blaster did not come with a sling or even the ring mounting hardware for the sling. What have you guys used for the ring mounting hardware for your Slings? Is there a commercially...