Bleach / Rit Color Remover ?


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If bleaching doesn't work on a fabric, what are the odds that Rit Color Remover will work? I have a jumpsuit that is too blue. I tried to bleach it but it won't bleach out. I was gonna head out and try the Rit color remover but thought I'd pop in for some suggestions first.


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I would guess it won't work......
I had a blue jumpsuit (100% Cotton) and tried to lighten it up. I first tried RIT color remover and change. I then tried Bleach.....still no change. I came to the conclusion that the fabric must have been chemically treated to resis maybe Scotch Gard or something??? RIT is pretty cheep so you can try it.....



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I just tried my gray suit (100% cotton), it was a little too dark. I did it with 1 pack of RIT color remover this past weekend in the washing machine-very little change. I tried again last night with 3 packs this time-hardly any additional change. I'm just hoping it did enough to look decent.


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I'll give the rit color remover a try. There's got to be some kind of treatment that takes away the colorfast property of the dye.


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I found this article. I haven't tried any of the techniques yet so don't take my word on it. If anyone else has tried these methods please chime in.


Removing the dye is not as easy as you would think, and all the bleach in the world usually won't make it better.

There are, however, some things you can try.

Automatic dishwasher detergent
If you're going to try this, you have to use liquid or gel, not powdered detergent. Add this to the wash water while it is filling in the washing machine. Use about 1/4 cup for a small to medium load. Washing in smaller loads works better and warm water works better than cold. Do not apply detergent to the clothes and allow the machine to fill prior to adding clothes. If this doesn't work, here's some products that might.

This is a product actually used by quilters to remove colors that have run in quilts. Use it according to directions in a basin or washing machine, depending on the size of the garment.

Synthrapol works best on cottons, but I have had success using it on polyester and blends, too. Try it in an inconspicuous spot unless you feel you have nothing to lose. Follow the directions carefully. Buy this where quilting supplies are sold.

Carbona Color Run Remover
This is available in grocery stores and discount stores. It is important that you follow the directions and read all of the precautions on the product. It may damage zippers, buttons, etc., so use with care.

This one is another great product used by quilters. This is a color fixative for cottons. Use it before washing to ensure that the color won't run. It will also keep colors bright longer.


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Well I've used most of the afore mentioned stuff you read up on just for what it says.
I've had red fabric bleed/run in a quilt I made and about died! Red is always the hardest to remove.
I've even used a professional hair color remover that smells like sulfur (lovely).
But if the fabric is scotch guarded esp. if it was fabricated jumpsuit rather than hand made I'm sure it has been treated due to the fact it was made for industrial purposes. The fabric content are all factors in color removal.
Its a science in its self. Try most everything and anything really. I've had my ESB jumpsuit hanging out in the sun to fade it and weather it.
Good luck!


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Well, I tried Carbona Stain Remover last night with no luck. I'll try everything I can. And if nothing works, I'm spraypainting it.


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This is an old thread but I thought Id post my experience.
I have a 100% cotton ROTJ jumpsuit that I was trying to lighten up, to more closely match my vest. It was about 20% grayer than I wanted and had a blueish tint to it. I decided to try RIT color remover tonight, followed instructions to a "T" amd it came out a mauve/light rose color.

So before I feel like Ive wasted $150 on a jumpsuit, do you guys think I should (at this rose colored stage) try color remover another time, and hope the red/pink tint comes out this time or 2, or try to dye it gray at this point? With dying it I might rish it becoming some muddy darker gray then it was.

Any thoughts?