Black and White Wookie Braid Braiding Method Found

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Hi all,

In researching the braids, I recently discovered this method of braiding that I am 100% sure was used to create the black and white braid.

It's called a 'herringbone braid', instructions on how to do it can be found here:
or here:

Unfortunately, I can't figure out for the life of me how to do these braids. :facepalm I had a contact make a prototype at substantial cost to me that confirms that I am right on this braiding technique.

Below are some comparison pics. My black and white braid isnt perfect, but I think its the closest anyone has come yet, and I am positive that this is the right method. :lol: Hopefully this technique will be of some use to you guys who have my braids and want to 'upgrade' with the accurate technique.

I AM NOT OFFERING THE ACCURATE HERRINGBONE BRAID FOR SALE. Though, you could probably convince your Mom or Sisters, or wife or girlfriend to help you out!;)



MoM_Braids_01 2.JPG

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oh, in the pics above, my braids are in the second picture (with the inaccurate armor LOL). Theyre not attached to the vest or finished being wrapped b/c I am soooo busy right now!!
You also might want to check out horse hair braiding. I almost positive the black and white braid was a horse hair stampede string.

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Well... To tell you guys the honest truth that is exactly what you would call a herringbone braid. It sets itself apart by the v shape you see esp. with the two colors.
If you use the links you'll see it looks like a fish bone on the girls hair. This type of braid is more like splitting up smaller sections rather than 3 large ones of a traditional braid. This is very similar to a french braid which is a basic braid just that your pulling hair into each section as you braid down the back of someones head.
I know this is probably not making any sense but to get the look of alternating black and white braids its is a matter of which hair color you bring to the forefront of the braid because you are still holding both colors.
This is the hair stylist in me talking so forgive me.
But a great addition nonetheless and why didn't I think of that! ;)
O.k. so hopefully this will help.
I tried this with some bias tape and cord to make sure of what I'm trying to explain.
You essentially have 4 strands in your hand 2 white and 2 black.
You will alternate the 4 strands, always with the colors separated into the 4 strands.
You'll have to tie off the end of the four strands at the top to begin, be sure to leave enough loose for the tail.
Start with the 2 black strands and wrap over each other left over right(or right over left which ever is comfortable for you, I go right over left).
Then take one of the white strands from behind the 2 black you just crossed (so essentially the two black strands will be crossed over each other in the middle)and bring over one white strand to cross over into the middle of the two black strands you just crossed. So it will separate them. (go the same direction don't switch to left over right if you've been going right over left with the black)
At this point you will be holding the 4 strands alternating in one hand.
Bring the other white strand from the back to cross over one black and the white one you just crossed to the center.
Now you should have two strands of white crossed over each other in the center with the 2 black strands to the outside.
What ever color is not crossed in the center will be separated to each side of the braid.
Continue down the strand alternating the black and white to the end. Just be sure to keep the colors separate. I took pics of the strand I did to make sure I knew what I meant but I don't have a hosting for them. So if you would like I can send them to you.
By doing it this way the braid looks the same on both sides too.
So regardless of which way it is hanging it will look the same. My daughter just reminded me of the stupid braided key chains kids make all the time it is the same concept at those chains. Wow she looked at my trial braid and saw it right away. Leave it to kids. :lol:
I hope this helps.
Any ?'s pm me.
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