PigElectric's ESB Build Thread - Approved! BH-43666


Update - I am approved. :) BH-43666 !!!

Very intimidating posting a build thread here but someone suggested I should do so. TDH is easily one of the nicest and most supportive costuming forums I've been on.

Bought a collection of parts from a friend, thinking it was 'close to done'. Oh. The naiveté. How cute. :lol: That was two years ago. :oops:

If it is helpful for people, I can provide links to some of the places I sourced parts.

I keep a list of everything and it's status.
This list clearly does not show all the ADDITIONAL costs that come with a Boba (paints, brushes, infinite patience, etc).

I'll start posting pics in the next week when I have time :)

PartSourcedStatus (All done, but keeping last known status lol)
Boba Thong Grey webbingEbayAttached to kidney piece and codpiece using pinback
Hip PouchesArkadyWeathered
CapeWoodmanAll set
Neck SealArkadyAll set
Flak VestArkadyArmor attached using pinback
Wookie BraidsWoodmanZip tied the braids together, then hand sewed them to flak
Girth BeltWoodmanNeed to size and follow this tutorial
Knee ArmorRS PropsNeed to add updated darts
Knee armor straps (white)RS PropsDirtied, need to add to armor
Knee Darts/RingsMachineCraftNeed to attach to knee armor
ShouldersRS PropsAffixed using pin back method
Square Studs??Done
Shin Tool: Anti Security BladeMoWDone
Shin Tool: Jetpack Adjustment ToolMoWDone
Shin Tool: Sonic Beam WeaponMoWDone
Shin Tool: Survival KnifeMoWDone
Kidney ArmorRS PropsAffixed using pin back method
CodpieceRS PropsAffixed using pin back method
Black Webbing Belt with Diver Buckle??Acquired
JetpackMoW AND FettSeven:oops:Really should fix the paint job on this guy. Secured lighting.
White webbingEbay
Harness under shirtMoWComplete
HelmetFPH2 ESBComplete... so beautiful
Rangefinder StalkFPH2 ESBCompleted, attached to bucket
Rangefinder Black WindowFPH2 ESB
Rangefinder Translucent PieceFPH2 ESB
Rangefinder TopperFPH2 ESB
Borden Connector DetailFPH2 ESB
Circuit BoardFPH2 ESBCompleted, attached to bucket
Ear PiecesFPH2 ESBCompleted, attached to bucket
Visort-visor.comCompleted, attached to bucket
Chest Armor
Collar ArmorRS PropsMounted to flak vest using pinback method
Right and left breastplatesRS PropsMounted to flak vest using pinback method
Ab armorRS PropsMounted to flak vest using pinback method
Center diamondRS PropsMounted to flak vest using pinback method
Translucent Screen for left breast plateMounted to flak vest using pinback method
LightsNeeds to be mounted
Sidearm HolsterFOUND!Logo taped over
Decal - Faded Kill StripesDeLucksDesignsAdded to armor
Decal - Chest DesignDeLucksDesignsAdded to armor
Decal - MythosaurDeLucksDesignsAdded to armor
Decal - Ear SetDeLucksDesignsAdded to armor
Decal - Jet Pack IconDeLucksDesignsNeed to add to jetpack once ready
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Barking Dragon

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Love your list mate, great idea...and I second how nice people are here compared to some other forums where many are elitists and not willing to give you the time of day

I'm still in the sourcing parts stage and thought I was doing a ROTJ costume but the more I look at ESB, I want to do that version now.


Great list. Look forward to pictures. :)
Sorry to hear that some gear was stolen. I know many vendors are also trying to meet celebration dead lines. But have you tried Boba Maker for the holster?



Puttin it together.... looking up tons of threads on here for 'how to attach'.. various things............. oi!!


Some more ways I tackled some enhancements:
1. Used heatbond tape to affix a pocket for my battery pack on the vest. You can also see the nice lil button hole I made for the wire running through.


2. Showing off the buttonholes I made on the flak vest to run the straps through (I taught myself about 15 minutes earlier.. don't laugh at the imperfections, I'm so proud of these damn buttonholes lol)

3. Took a curling iron to the horse hair - it had gotten frizzy over the (cough) years (cough) that this build has been going on.



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That's a great idea making the pocket with the heat bond tape !! The button holes look like a expert button holer did them !!!