BKBT Helmet Conversion Change *PICS*


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Well, I've had a change of heart with regards to the paint scheme on my BKBT Jango Conversion. I started out going with the RotJ paint scheme, but the more I thought about it, the more I had to go with my favorite version, ESB. I'm also trying an experimental painting technique on this one. I've used pics of the screen used ESB helmet to make stencils of the various scratches and dings. I then cut them out and trace them onto the helmet in pencil before painting. It's slow going but the results are turning out pretty good. The hardest part is sizing the images to fit the helmet properly. (Alot of increasing the image by 17%, then 4% more, then another 2%, etc...you get the idea) Anyway here are a few pics.



What happen to the ROTJ? You know thats what I want to see! Hope your still doing ROTJ, might be hitting you up again here soon.

BTW, its looking very good!
A little more progress...I've done some prelimenary weathering around the dent and on top of the helmet...scan, print, cut, trace, paint...scan, print, cut, trace, paint...



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