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Quite a few members have asked me to start sewing vests again, so I thought it best to put up a thread to start the process.

NOTE: I do NOT have the vest fabric on-hand. You will be responsible for purchasing your own material and having the material sent to me.

The price will be $70.00 USD per vest, shipping included. I prefer PayPal, but will also accept money orders (no personal checks!).

I offer these vests in four basic sizes: M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48 ) and XXL (50-52). In other words, if you wear a Large T-shirt, then a Large vest should fit you fine. I’m using 1 ½” Velcro for the closure, so there is plenty of ‘wiggle’ room for individual size adjustment. I do NOT handle custom orders.

The liner is made of a standard bottom-weight fabric, usually grey or white, depending on whatever I have available. The sleeves are quilted with 3/4" stitch lines, and the front side of the vest is padded.

I do not add strap-holes or Velcro to the vest, as many people have different preferred attachment methods. These alterations can be done by most any local seamstress or alterations shop.

I offer these either WITH or WITHOUT the lower jet pack attachment cutout. Please specify your preference when you order.

I apologize, but at this time, I do not produce neckseals. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming thread...




PM me with any questions!
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Me first lol, I ordered material from SGB just waitting for it to come in, I will pay you tonight Batninja, pm me your paypal. I will be needing a medium. With JP back.
While I'm happy to take your money now, I thought it might be better to wait until the fabric comes in (the last order what delayed, if I remember correctly). Regardless, the order in which I do the sewing is determined by the 'first-paid-first-sewn' method. What are your thoughts? I'd hate to take money now to find out the fabric isn't available or arrives late.
I was going to bug you soon about this anyway, Eric. Thanks for offering up your services! I have an order with SGB as well, put me down for a 44 with cutout.

Hey Eric,
Glad to hear you will be making another run. I know I've
been bugging you for a vest... hehe!. Can you add me to the
list for a (Large) 42-44 W/Jet Pack CutOut. PP will be sent
tomorrow when I return from my business trip.

Thanks Bro!(y)
Hey, do you make the best in different colours? My jumpsuit is a dark navy colour, looking for a lighter colour as im having slighly lighter armour too :)

As mentioned above, I can sew the vest in any color you choose. If you have a favorite color or fabric, let me know. I'll probably have you send me a swatch so I can see if I can match it locally. If I can't, I'll need you to send me a couple yards of what you have in mind.

The reason for having folks send me the standard fabric for the Boba vests is that a) the screen-accurate material is not readily available and b) most Fett enthusiasts are EXTREMELY particular about the fabric of this costume piece.

PM me with any questions!
Just an update...

I've been in Nashville for a few days, but will be back home this Thursday (the 12th). I will update any further inquiries at that time!
Yeah None of this material was in hand at time of order.No One on the run list has gotten their material as I havent gotten it yet.
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