Vest I want to make a rotj vest. Please help me.


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わかりやすい型紙と作り方が知りたいです。どなたか作り方教えていただけるとありがたいです。( Hello! I'm making a boba for ROTJ. I want a vest, but there is no place to make it in Japan, and it is very expensive to buy it from overseas. Anyway, I can only use the money I saved from my part-time job right now, so I'll try to make one. I would like to know an easy-to-understand pattern and how to make it. I would appreciate it if someone could teach me how to make it. )

I have just started the same..
I initially cut up a tight T shirt to get an idea of what I needed. There are a few YT tutorials and a slew of photos to get info on.

Good luck with your vest

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