BatNinja's Vest Sewing Services


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Okay, gang, just received the fabric from SkyGunBro! I've updated the list at the top of the thread, and will commence ta gettin' busy on these right away. :)
How's the sewing going, Eric? Depending on when these get ready, I may have different shipping destinations for you... (about to move)


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I have another project to clean off my table first, and then I can start sewing vests. The material has already been prepped and cut.

I'll notify you via PM when yours is ready; just let me know at that time if I should ship to a different address. :)


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look at what i found inside my mailbox...



the vest fits me perfectly! simply the best!! thanks a lot, Eric! (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)

it's time to work on sewing the velco etc.


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PM replied!

99centTaco and jf_nilsson, I should have your vests completed this weekend. I've been sick most of the week, and I'm still not 100%.

Sorry for the delay!


Forgive me for being ignorant (and I hate being ignorant!!) but what is the difference between the jet pack cutout and no jet pack cutout? (Besides the obvious lack of material in one version!) None of my research has come up with anything mentioning a cutout in the vest, although admittedly my research in the cloth goods has been relatively low.



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Questions are always good!!!

Most people want a little cut out in the back to give them room to attach their jet pack.

If you will wear a jet pack you want the cut out.



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That's pretty much it. I'd heard several people mention that their jet pack harness caused the vest to 'bunch up' in the back, so I offered to pattern a cutout version. It's not movie-accurate, but the cutout cannot be seen when the jet pack is worn, so it was a very small design sacrifice.


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In case people didn't know...

Batninja also does the side pockets and spats! (y)

Hands down the side pockets and spats are by far THE best I have owned to date!

Eric's spats are the fifth pair I have owned. The cut, fit and material are the best I have found. They fit on my CA boots like they were custom made for them. And he did this with NO measurements from me! (y)(y)

His side pockets are the fourth set I have owned. Same deal. Cut, stitching and material are spot on. (y)(y)

Thank goodness! I no longer have to upgrade those parts! :D

Now that I let that cat out of the bag... :lol:

You'd better contact him quickly before he is flooded for requests on these soft goods!

I will try and post pics when I get a free moment!


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Batninja ROTJ Spats on CA boots! (y)

Batninja side pouches on a Batninja ROTJ Ammo belt! (y)(y)

Eric has mad sewing skilz! (y)