BatNinja Ammo Belts - November 2006!


Jr Hunter
As I’ve received several requests to offer these again, I’m starting another run of my ROTJ ammo belts! This will be a limited run of ten belts.

The non-functional pouches are made of solid but lightweight Balsa wood blocks covered in dark brown vinyl. These new pouch flaps are stitched with heavy-duty upholstery thread, giving the belt a more realistic look. The pouch dimensions are approximately 3 ¼”(H) x 1 ½”(W) x 1 ½”(D).

The 2 ½” vinyl belt is approximately 54” long, features ‘antiqued’ brass grommets and is lined with stiff interfacing, making the belt solid and more durable than those I’ve made in the past.

To accommodate for sizing, I only sew Velcro to one end of the belt, and provide extra Velcro for the wearer, so that proper fit can be achieved.

NOTE: I am not very knowledgeable about the ESB ammo belt, which is why I don’t sell or market them. However, these pouches are not permanently affixed, so the wearer can arrange them on the belt as preferred for the ESB look. I recommend buying brown thumbtacks to use as ‘snaps’ on the appropriate pouches.

The price is $75.00 USD per belt. At this time, I only accept PayPal. PM me for payment info.


1. psberetta - PAID - SHIPPED 12/7 - RECEIVED
2. NikNak_aka - PAID 11/15 - SHIPPED 12/7 - RECEIVED
3. Clan_Skirata - PAID 11/23 - SHIPPED 12/7 - RECEIVED
4. Tuskeny21 - PAID 11/24 - SHIPPED 12/7 - RECEIVED
5. Seven - PAID 12/10 - SHIPPED 1/6
6. Jodo_Kast_XIII - PAID 12/17 - SHIPPED 1/6
7. Stormwalker - PAID 12/19 - SHIPPED 1/20
8. Devilstar2k2 - PAID 12/28 - SHIPPED 1/20
9. SL-1190 - PAID 1/3 - SHIPPED 1/20
10. World War Cheese - AWAITING PAYMENT




Hey Batninja do you still make belts and are the pouches functional?
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