Bargain Flightsuit Run

Darth Menace

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Hello Arkady! My ESB package came today, and of course a perfect fit. Your work is stunning and pefect. The materials you use are high quality and perfect. Thank you so much! Awesome!!!


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My ESB soft parts arrived and everything fits perfectly. Thanks again, really nice work! Now on to the weathering...


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You look like the person to go to for a flight suit. I am looking to order a ROTJ Flight suit and vest and pouches. I am brand new to all this so if I am missing something let me know. only have armor/gauntlets and helmet so far so I always appreciate the help. Thanks!


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Arkady is a super star. My ROTJ flight suit and Flak turned up today. It fits like a glove and looks incredible. Carole you are diamond... Thank you.


I'm starting an ESB build, so I need to get a flightsuit, flak vest and neck seal. Do you make the balaclava too?


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A quick note: If you need soft parts for Celebration, now is the time! My current turnaround is 4-5 months so if you wait, it will be pushing it and I won't be able to guarantee parts. Thanks!!