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First i would like to say hello to everyone for this is my first post on these forums!
now that thats out of the way...........

ive been looking all over this websie and ive seen all the great jango fett costumes but there is one flaw that ive noticed in every one of them. The backplate is a diffrent design than what was used in the movie. I went about looking for some good pics of his backplate and came across this pic

this pic is from star wars chick because she was one of the first ive seen to make a jango acurate backplate. If you want to see it in the movie watch the jango/obiwan scene where they fight and they have a few shots of the backplate. I have made an interesting design to it so that the template requires to be molded into a concave peice. I will post pics of the template tomarrow and as soon as the plate is done i will post pics of it as well.
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Well ive been working on my costume and i finished the backplate. I have taken some pics of my costume but they are apperently too big to put here so if anyone knows where to host images over 1400KB than i guess you cant see them.(or if i could make them into size smaller)
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well i have finally got some pics up of my backplate so here ther are


the photo has some bad lighting but it shows that its done
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That backplate dosen't look too bad Durge! You should just get some sandpaper on that thing in the rough looking areas. But overall I love it! Great job!
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