Cruzer Jango backplate run now on!


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Ok guys, let's do a small run (4-6) of these.

The discrepancies I found in the first pull (my backplate) showed me I need to double up on the aluminum resin for two gelcoat applications for a solid and smooth surface before fiberglassing. Also, because of the untrimmed weight of these things (approximately 2.5 lbs) the shipping costs are going to be a bit higher than expected. However, once trimmed and depending on how much is cut-off from the sides and bottom, the weight goes down significantly by 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound.

Also, I've noticed the resin and fiberglass materials I'm using allow the backplate to have some flexibility, especially in the shoulder and side areas. I'm thinking this will increase comfortability when wearing one of these things. But it's still very very durable. I'm using a single layer of thick fiberglass mesh that the package says is intended for heavy repairs, so you won't have to worry about breaking this thing unless you jump up and down on it or drive over it with your car!:lol:

Here are a few more specifics:
Shoulder width = 15.125" (trimmable)
Height = 17" (trimmable)
Trimmed weight = 1.75 to 2 lbs.
Materials = Aluminum filled resin gelcoat and fiberglass application.

The price I can offer these at is $95 USPS Priority shipped in the U.S. Please contact me for anywhere outside the U.S.

I'll start taking paypal orders to (underscore between my first and last names). First paid, first shipped. I'll order more aluminum resin as soon as a few orders come in, and I am anticipating the middle of next week for them to begin shipping out.

Here's a link of the original build thread and a few pics showing how they look untrimmed, but I'll give em a rough trim before shipped:


Run List:
1.FettFanatic ...shipped
2.td0488 ...shipped
3.Brad1957 ...shipped
4.Darth Hobbes ...shipped
5.Jimmy BufFETT ...shipped
6.Lonestar ...shipped
7.reveal1vader ...shipped
8.CGClone ...shipped
9.BKBT ...shipped
10.Jango 5204...picked up
11.slavefive ...shipped
12.Benkenove ...shipped
13.Darksaber212 ...shipped

The list is closed for now, but I will reopen it once these orders are shipped. Thanks(y)



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Yeah, I don't like that price...but the costs for the shipping weight (approx. 4.7 lbs. when boxed up) and material costs for using so much resin is quite a bit

I just dropped the price by $5 if that'll help any.

In truth, I don't want to be away from my family and stuck in the garage turning out a "ton" of these...I just want to make a few available for the few people that would really like one.:facepalm
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Jimmy BufFETT

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Wow ... I'm gone at the airport for just a few hours, and when I get back there's the thread I've been looking for with half the slots taken!

Anyway, PayPal payment sent for 1 backplate, Cruzer ... hope I made it on the list.


Well-Known Hunter I cannot wait to re-cast these :lol:
...I'll make sure yours shows up in at least 100 tiny little pieces...kinda like a 3D puzzle...but better because it will be wearable!:lol:

AdmFrancis...I'll get you on the next run.

Zombierepellent...they aren't really "cold cast" because this stuff doesn't polish up very well, plus it's way too dark for Jango. I use the aluminum filled resin as a gelcoat primarily because it is the hardest curing resin available by smooth-on, with excellent sanding and cutting properties, and is somewhat flexible.

SWFreak...sounds good.
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Hey Cruzer,

What would it take to do this with the cold cast aluminum powder? Just curious, as I'm not fully aware of the challenges that are presented from that process.