Mandalorian Merc Attempt at a mandalorian protector

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe Bounty Hunters' started by Fatbed, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Fatbed

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    Gday everyone, I'm currently trying to build a kit on the mando mercs site, I'm trying for a mando protector
    also trying to work out how to post, tried creating album but no progress with that
    on mando mercs site my name is "the Unknown mando"

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  2. Fatbed

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    G'day every one, I'd forgotten I'd started a thread on here, here's a few pics of my slow progress. The bucket is an nme props standard merc, working on v2 that'll be with a twoeleven fett dentless helmet #3.
    When I update more pics I'll add more
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  3. Fatbed

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  4. Fatbed

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  5. TheZeroEffect

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    Wow started this a wee while ago... love the weathering. Looks awesome
  6. Fatbed

    Fatbed New Member

    Thanks mate, it's been abit slow the last few months. The weathering isn't hard to do, here's link to the mercs page, I did abit of a tutorial there. ( hope that's not breaking a rule)
    Unknown mando Painting / weathering approach
  7. ToEleven

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    That's some great work.
  8. Fatbed

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