Attaching Hoses


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Hey Guys,

I was just wondering how you all attach your hoses to your costume? I am just trying to figure it all out.

Any advice?



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That's about it Pete... mine is very similar. I have a hook attached to the hose which grabs onto an elastic strap that I sewed into the sleeve.

Gonzo Fett

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MediaGuyPJ said:
thats awesome....I just have to go to home depot and get the right sized hose

heh..yeah sorry about that pete :facepalm
but hey look at the bright side maybe you can use the extra large hose around the house (y)


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I used a connector like in post 19 of R Boba topic. The only difference is that I took a piece of webbing and sewed it to the ends of the three hoses. Then I sewed the female connector to the inside of my sleeve with some elastic. That way, when I bend my arm the elastic stretches and doesn't pull on my sleeve.


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to pavespawn you guys listen!! ;)

I am not entirly happy with me hose connection... but it just might be the height of the strap...

gary's approach is worth a try... I might actually do that meself...