Attaching Braids...ideas ?

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Does anyone have any ideas about how to attach their braids to their vests ? How have you all done this in the past ?
I simply sewed mine onto the shoulder of my vest with a little bit of black thread. You can't notice it at all.
I would highly recommend using safety pins, simply in case you ever want to wash the vest. Safety pins can also be hidden within the layers of the braids. Just pin from the inside of the vest.
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I used a safety pin from the inside of the vest. Took seconds, well maybe a minute. I have 3 braids black, brown, and blonde
blonde, black and brown.. i thought it was Dark brown (kinda like 70% coca chocolate brown) blond and silver... hmm.. have to go back and look at my ref. pics again..
I used a little bit of black thread myself. I can always unstitch the small line of thread, if needed to be washed, and throw another little stitch back on after vest is washed. Takes maybe 5 minutes to sew a stitch across your braids. Plus you know they ain't coming off then!
Here's another 2 ways to do it.
Shown are 2 braidsets together,one has a small snap sewn onto the end that hangs at the rear of the vest,and another snap on the shoulder near the bell.
The next shows a piece of scrap velcro sewn onto braidset,again one at rear vest,and one near shoulder bells.
Both snaps and velcro are hidden,and easily removeable.
It's a little bit fiddly,but both work.
Ah yes,it helps to sew the braids together at the 'mounting points',I use a thin,clear monofilament fishing line threaded thru the sides,good and strong,but any colour thread may be used if you sew from the backside of the 3 flat braids.They don't have to be sewn together tightly,just enough to hold them together.

Heres the photo of the snaps and Velcro method.
Both photos are the same,but the semi-tutes are different.
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I have a question about these braids ....It's hard to tell from the pics . Do these braids actually wrap around the arm/shoulder ? Mine dont seem like they're long enough to do that .

The yellow one should loop under your arm.

I used velcro to hold mine on. I have a piece sewn on my vest and a loop that goes around the braids hold ing them together. Easy to remove and easy to put back on.
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can anyone shed some light on this subject since it's a little outdated and the pictures are gone. sounds like there is some confusion as to loop the correct braids.
I used a basting pin (large safety like pin).

As for braids, I have 3. Blonde, Brown and 'salt 'n' pepper' (black with grey mixed in).

I went to Tandy and bought some leather "shoe strings" black and brown and tied them up in areas, then took one of the leather laces and tied them together very securely (used a full lace for it.) Even took some plastic bone pieces and hung them from the leather strips for a little extra ornamentation.

If interested, I can take a few pictures of the braids and post them up here.
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